Our office is situated in Nelson and you can contact us anytime on 547 5252 or cell 0274 470093.  Please contact Siggi or Bev.  Our Email: caravancorner@xtra.co.nz

Caravan Corner has been in business since 1987 and we have now moved into long term caravan rentals – 3 months or more.   Our rentals range from 15ft to 22ft and are fitted out with fridge or fridge-freezer, cooker or stove, and are generally 4 to 5 berth models.  Our large models have shower.

We store our caravans in Tahunanui and deliver from there to your own site.  Depending on how far away it is, there may be a charge.  We rent out to areas around Nelson and further afield, so please let us know where you want the caravan sited and we may be able to assist.

We are looking forward to your custom and working towards a “Fair and Honest Deal” for you.

S.E. Poschadel (Proprietor)                       B.A. Poschadel (Administrator)

About caravan corner

I have worked in the Caravan Retail Trade for 25 years and specialized in buying, selling, selling on behalf, parts and rentals. Caravan Corner is now in the business of long term rental caravans and the rental of our 5 berth self contained Mercedes Motorhome.
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